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How To Find A Girlfriend – 5 Simple Steps To Improve Your Chances

by Josh - Men's Gain Editor on January 26, 2013

All your friends have opinions on the best steps to find a girl and why not, every man deserves to find himself a girlfriend. Follow our 5 simple tips to help you find a girlfriend and make it as simple and painless as possible.

Step 1. Clean your room/house/space

Can you imagine finding a beautiful girl only to bring her home to your brothel of a room. Tidy up, and add some of your personality. If she can’t accept your own personal style you need to keep looking.

Step 2. Ask your bro’s (and if possible brodettes)

Most long term relationships are found when two people are introduced by a mutual friend. So get social and make your friends work for you.

Step 3. Brainstorm the hot spots

Most guys I know if asked for places to meet woman can only name two places: pubs and clubs.

Now imagine, what if I told you these were actually the least likely place to find a long term girlfriend! Surely not, right?

The hot tip on where to find the ladies is actually in the places you would least expect them.
These places include shopping centers  super markets, book stores, your local hobby club, and the beach because interestingly, these places are the least likely places women expect to find men hitting on them. Thus, giving s a man two unique opportunities to find a girlfriend:

1. Women do not have there auto defense mechanism a.k.a “bitch shield” operating unlike in socially considered hot spots like nightclubs and pubs where they are expect to be hit on by guys
2. Most women spend there time doing boring and mundane tasks like shopping/wasting time at the super market, so any bit of excitement to the otherwise uneventful experience is always going to work in your favour. Besides, what women doesn’t hope to randomly encounter their Prince Charming.

Step 4. Get your body into shape

Interestingly the physical aspect is not as important as how confident losing a little weight or gaining a little mass can give you when talking to a new girlfriend to be. If you find yourself stuttering and being at a loss for words just know; the body is the quickest method of easy confidence.

Step 5. Try try try again

If at first you don’t succeed the first potential girlfriend you ask out don’t give up! Most chances are, she wont be the first girl you hit on, however you WILL succeed if you keep trying, and as a bonus, every time you fail it only makes you a little smarter, more confident and over resilient to rejection.
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